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Just a tool I needed for myself, thought I would post here in case it helps someone else.


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    Can you elaborate a bit more on what the impetus was for writing this tool?

    Just curious as to why you needed to sort json out of core.

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      I just pipe a lot of json data around for a project I am working on for some analytics, core utils does sorting really well with multi core and temporary files, but the standard sort tool doesn’t play well with json.

      My main use case right now is just sorting a huge dump of records by time stamp.

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        Ah yep, that makes sense, I have used coreutils sort for similar reasons to partition large datasets by key out-of-core.

        A lot of the unix tools kick-ass at data processing once you get things into the right (i.e textual, whitespace separated, newline delimited) format.

        Just watch out for collation issues (use LC_ALL=C), and other weird locale stuff, if you are depending on a particular order.