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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!


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    Trying to profile and create flamegraphs for durduff.

    I tried using flamegraph-rs, but it failed with a very non-descriptive error. I used perf directly and it looks like almost everything in durduff gets inlined, so it isn’t very legible. It may be that the source of both problems is the lack of debugging symbols, which, I just discovered, should be enabled with debug = true in Cargo.toml.

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      I just recently used that crate to do some profiling myself so if you need any more help, feel free to PM me.

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      There is an online Haskell conference https://zfoh.ch/zurihac2020/

      There are workshops and a Discord channel. Talks have already started!

      Featuring Gabriel Gonzalez, Phillip Wadler, Richard Eisenberg, Divesh Otwani, Nicolas Frisby, Rob Rix and many more.

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        Would you recommend this for a Haskell curious person, who has no Haskell experience?

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          Yes, there is even a beginners course and workshop.

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        Podcast work. Doing one’s been on my bucket list for a while and considering the barrage of hellthreads here, I can focus on this instead of getting distracted so often. The commitment was made as soon as I bought the domain name.

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          We have hellthreads? :) What have I been missing? :)

          Also yay new podcast! Good luck. It’s a lot of work but totally rewarding IMO.

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            What’s the podcast?

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              You know how people are probably tired of RPG podcasts where some band of misfits pillage and plunder? Except this is more me and my nasaly-ass voice doing the same thing, but single-player and how to play these things alone.

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              Woo! I’m always looking for new podcasts, be sure to link it here when ready! On a sidenote, that “just bought the domain name” motivation is just about the strongest there is.

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              I’m on-call till Monday morning and if it’s quiet I’m going to try out dwm, just for fun. I’m actually a very happy herbstluftwm user, but I often see dwm receiving praise so I’m going to try it out.

              I was also looking at a cheap, entry level mechanical keyboard with Bluetooth. I found some clones on amazon and probably I’m going to do some window shopping before ordering one.

              I’m also planning to build a telegram bot in golang, just for fun. I currently have some hack-y bash script and some php code that’s sending me alerts and I was thinking of rewriting it for some time now

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                You should check out the keyboards from https://keychron.com/ as well, I recently ordered a couple from there. My first venture into mechanical keyboards, but I’m loving them so far.

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                  You may really like i3. It’s like dwm on steroids.

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                    I tried it for a couple of weeks and actually went to herbstluftwm because I wasn’t too fond of i3. Not sure why, but it never clicked. The only thing I did like is tabbed support but I kinda got over it not being there in herbstluftwm.

                    I just want to have a look at dwm to have the experience. Plus I like trying out new things, so…

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                      Personally I’ve tried i3 (and sway) and have since gone back to dwm. I much prefer how dwm does tags on different monitors: you have tags 1-9 on each monitor, rather than a shared namespace of tags across all monitors like you do in i3. And all the extra functionality of i3 (tabs etc.) is wasted on me, I always just want full screen or a 50:50 vertical split.

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                    Heading out to a cottage to finally get away from the city. Being in the epicenter of the pandemic in Canada has not been fun. So a no tech weekend.

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                      Drowning in academic work, as before :(

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                        I did some {disk.frame} development streams and will work on Julia development of JLBoost.jl

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                          I recently looked into Julia more in detail and am happy to see that there are some people from lobsters working with/on Julia (esp. related to machine learning).

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                          I have a few exams that should have taken place last march (“Software Engineering” (yawn), “Operating Systems” and “Efficient Combinatorial Algorithms”), so I’ll (try to) be learning for those. The upside to the current pandemic is that if you don’t pass, it’s not regarded as a failed attempt.

                          And if I find the time (which I somehow always do), I’m going to continue porting Jonesforth to a literate Org file. I have come to the conclusion that that’s the only was I can get myself to actually finish reading it.

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                            Just converted some data structures in my green threading/fibres library to intrusive doubly linked lists and now the performance is good enough that I can move on to the next step: hooking it all up to io_uring/epoll/etc. Should be fun!

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                              What language and do you have this online somewhere?

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                              Just ordered a new monitor to improve the ergonomics of my work-at-home setup. I use i3 as window manager so I need to do some manual configuring to enable stuff like automatic switching.

                              Hopefully I will also have some time to work on my SaaS and figure out what I still need to do before launching.

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                                Studying for the CKA exam

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                                  • Removing static methods from the language I’m contributing to.
                                  • Publishing new major versions of my dirs/directories crates, after I shipped the Java version yesterday.
                                  • Finishing the dirs.dev website.
                                  • Collecting the data (name/phone/birthday/…) of my contacts that is spread all over the place and figuring out a way to keep things updated, with some calendar integration (any recommendations?).
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                                    I guess you’ve already seen it, but I use CardDAV for that. The server software is Baïkal, which I’m only using for synchronization and nothing else. Rather boring but at least it’s standardized. I’m not sure how well calendar integration is working, but at least there is a corresponding CalDAV standard.

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                                      No I haven’t seen it – thanks, this look quite interesting; it’s written on PHP though. :-/

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                                        I know, it’s working for me, so I’m somewhat satisfied, although php is not my preference as well. For what it’s worth, there is also radicale written in python, but I didn’t quite manage to set it up.

                                        Personally, I’d love to implement a server like that myself, but I never got around to it as it’s not really a priority for me.

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                                    • Finishing Week 14/15 of Weekly Python Exercises
                                    • benchmarking the default Xfinity Wifi mesh’s throughput in various spots of my apartment so I can have hard data to compare with the Unifi Dream Machine that should arrive this weekend
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                                      The Unifi Dream Machine actually performs worse than the Xfinity gateway, but I don’t care since the management interface is so superb and data rich. I’ll just add an extra AP in the kitchen.

                                      (Pretty sure the diminished perf is because the Xfinity wifi was acting like a mesh pulling on other APs in surrounding apartments.)

                                      Xfinity benchmarks:


                                      UDM Benchmarks:


                                      (UDM benchmarks are slightly lower resolution since my Linux install’s latest apt update && apt upgrade seems to have poisoned the Intel wlan driver into a coma so I had to fall back to Windows 10 :) it has iperf3 too so the difference between the two should be limited to slight perf variations in TCP/IP stacks and drivers.)

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                                      Sit with my new ukulele and sing scales up and down while figuring out how different chords harmonize with the notes. E.g. In key of C major, the scale is C D E F G A B C. One possible harmonization is I V I IV V IV V I (C G C F G F G C). Another is IV V I IV I IV iii vi. etc.


                                      Record a screencast about browser integration testing pro-tips. Looking at things like removing brittleness by having a special unchanging test-interface, auto-failing upon all JS errors, being careful about clearing state between tests with various dependencies (e.g. redis, elasticsearch, mailbox, caching layer, etc.) Context: I do non-beginner programming screencasts about production code-bases here: https://www.semicolonandsons.com/series/Inside-The-Muse

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                                        C G C F G F G C

                                        You should also try minor chords! For example Am Dm Em F G F G C.

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                                        • Hoping for a new Snowpack release so I can add Elm support. Already have the plugin built but the Snowpack team needed to add support for recognizing .elm files.
                                        • Play Minecraft with my wife and some friends
                                        • Play Raft with my wife, and maybe friends if it runs on Mac
                                        • Possibly take another stab and trying to build a graphical web page editor
                                        • Keep knitting my first scarf!
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                                          What is Snowpack? I looked at their website but don’t understand what they’re doing over regular npm?

                                          As to knitting, I got bored by a scarf quickly, but found a hat much more fun :)

                                          1. 2

                                            I restarted my scarf 5 times because I kept adding a stitch. I’m about an inch and a half in now and really enjoying it. I’ll probably try a hat next :D

                                            Snowpack is an alternative build tool for web development to Webpack or Parcel. It goes with the idea that most browsers support esmodules, <script type="module">, now so there’s no need to bundle or transpile that code. It makes development builds super fast because there’s nothing to build (unless you’re writing TypeScript, Svelte, Elm, etc.). Snowpack also has support for optionally using Parcel or Webpack to bundle your code for production.

                                            While the Snowpack devs did add support for .elm files on Friday, getting it all to work together in a way that would allow nice ejecting has eluded me. As far as I can tell, I’d have to do import Elm from "./Main.elm"; in my javascript and that isn’t valid javascript. Going to try and see this week if there’s a better way to go about it.

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                                          Making a SIO2USB cable for my Atari XEGS.

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                                            Going to paint a bit tomorrow and visiting a friend on Sunday

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                                              The massive refactor of my spacecraft trajectory simulator is done. For a while it fit all the stereotypes of that hobby project that was perpetually 80% done, but I made some good decisions on the refactor (basically a rewrite). The major thing was that I decided to not plot data from the C++ code (I wanted good looking pdf charts) and instead I am serializing the data out to file (something that I eventually would have to do) and am plotting from Python + Matplotlib. So, this weekend I will clean up the plotting and start adding little programs the spacecraft can execute as they fly around the solar system.

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                                                Alma Mater:

                                                • Working on presentation Be Creative, Get Noticed! to guide 2nd year Diploma students.
                                                  • Few weeks back my diploma college mentioned me that they are planning to have webinar series ( 8 days, one session per day) to guide students as they couldn’t able to have internship. (major: Industrial Electronics)
                                                  • I end up in creating a online portal, that provides students to register for this event; submit quizzes online and also access material later as needed.
                                                  • Our initial expectation was this portal will be used by my college students (roughly 60 students). But to our surprise, we have received so far more than 250 registrations from 22+ colleges (who don’t have such program available) with students across 14 cities from state of Maharashtra, India.
                                                  • Our website has received ~ 3000 visits over period of 10 days. This portal suppose to be a temporary fix, but college and Alumni asking me to make it a permanent home to further collaborate with all entrepreneurs from our school.
                                                  • Over last few days I’ve talked with other speakers on panel and very much impressed by their work and now more motivated to do give it back to community. I’m very happy to see the way things turn out. If you ask me all efforts paid of!
                                                • For those who are interested here is our new portal: https://vpms.club Let me know if I miss out anything or if you see any security concerns.
                                                • And yes, last guy named Rajendra … is me :-)
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                                                  Let me know if I miss out anything or if you see any security concerns.

                                                  You have a typo in the title :). It says “VPM’s Almuni”, it should be “Alumni”.

                                                  (Spotting typos is my most annoying skill, sorry.)

                                                  1. 1

                                                    Fixed it! Thank you very much for catching it. Next time I’m gonna do proof reading with you :-) Have a great weekend!

                                                    1. 2

                                                      Hey, no problem. A long time ago I used to work for a computer magazine, back when they printed words on paper and stuff. Tens of thousands of pages later the typos are like the first things I see on a page :).

                                                      Have a great weekend, too!

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                                                  Started the weekend off with some boxing training. No real contact, just shadow boxing of course due to the social distance rules.

                                                  Now I’ll be doing some freelancing to get a client’s application running on PHP 7, after their hostingprovider decided to shut down the site which was still running on an old version of CakePHP which only supports PHP 5. If I have time, I hope to enjoy the nice weather too for a bit, and maybe find some time to work on a personal project in CHICKEN, but I fear that’s not in the cards this weekend.