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    I fail to understand exactly what the purpose of this repository is? It’s clearly not open source (I have nothing against that), and it clearly doesn’t give much information (screenshots, example snippets), and although it says it’s an “example repository”, I can’t actually find the example…

    As far as I can see it’s just a repository containing the Docker files used to start the demo (perhaps this is the demo?)… Wouldn’t it have been better to just provide a hosted demo instance, and allow others to connect and play with it?

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      I understand the confusion, thank you for the feedback. I guess it makes more sense if one interacted before with PostgREST [1] and similar systems (I’ll work on a more detailed description for people that just land on the page).

      Another way to describe this is “PostgREST in Rust with support for PostgreSQL and Sqlite”. You are right that in this particular repo does not contain the actual source code (since that is a commercial product). [1] https://postgrest.org