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    I’ve never heard about the new Arm Large System Extensions (LSE) atomic instructions before. I surely learned something today! Looks like MySQL-on-Arm conducted some tests with LSE too, but the results were different.

    I love how HAProxy people are always prompt to try low-level and cutting-edge stuff to squeeze another droplet of performance out of the hardware/kernel. Performance is many small things done right like this, I guess.

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      Gone are the days of dedicated and expensive hardware for many/most use cases. Commodity hardware is becoming sufficiently powerful with I/O and processing power. Next up, I’d like to see what Nginx can do.

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        I’m happy to see latency is not neglected in the measurements.

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          If you are compiling HAProxy with gcc 9.3.0, include the flag -march=armv8.1-a to enable LSE atomic instructions. With gcc version 10.2.0, LSE is enabled by default.

          Woah woah wait what? Do they mean their build system does it when it detects new gcc, or do they mean gcc10 just switched the baseline to be more than bare v8.0??