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      This is great! Maybe this will spur kernel versions for other BSD’s too. One can hope.

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        Indeed. I hope the current FreeBSD efforts base things on top of this OpenBSD implementation.

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          With the ISC license and such nice code separation, it certainly seems like a really great base from which to build for sure.

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      I’m so curious what openbsd devs are going to do with this (great) patch

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        Review it.

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        Me too. It’ll probably be the most interesting patch review round for wireguard.

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      This is amazing news, I think many many aspects of the WireGuard project will be a case study on “doing things well”. I’d been following since 2017 and seeing the project grow has been really neat and /u/zx2c4 deserves a ton of credit. The care and meticulousness really shows and this was the last barrier for me before I fully adopted it everywhere.

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      Fantastic! We are using wireguard-go on OpenBSD for work-from-home clients using OpenBSD, macOS, and Windows. The experience has been wonderful. We also plan to switch the office VPN (between locations) from ipsec to WireGuard in the future. Currently the WFH users have a choice and they report WireGuard to be faster and more stable than ipsec.

      Great to see feedback and code comments from OpenBSD devs.

      I think WireGuard will grow a rich and beautiful ecosystem of tools and capabilities, opening new doors people didn’t know they could walk through. It’s been a while since I was this happy and excited about a new technology.