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    Also, for those that are interested, we’re going to have a release party tomorrow live on Twitch. Andrew will demo some highlights from the release and answer some questions from the audience.


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      My favorite part of the release notes is the reworked memory layout section.

      Compilation speed is a top priority for the design of both the Zig self-hosted compiler as well as the language itself. I have been careful to design the language in a way as to unlock the potential of an ambitiously fast compiler.

      I was working on a Rust program this week and I made a small mistake: I used && instead of ||. It took 2 seconds to change the source code, but recompiling took more than 2 minutes. I’m extremely happy to see that Zig is aiming for very fast compile-times.

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        Yes, I was about to point out this section but you beat me to it! Great case study of “data oriented design”, the struct-of-arrays pattern, etc.

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        Anyone shipping anything written in Zig?

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          As someone who’s annoyed that it takes nearly twenty seconds to compile a 5k-loc project on my machine, I’m quite pleased to hear that a lot of ground is being broken on compiler performance improvements.