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    F-droid may finally get used more often

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      F-Droid with the privileged extension is pretty nice, but the effort to install the privileged extension really only makes sense if you’re using a custom Android version. That said, it seems incredibly difficult to get security updates into F-Droid (I’ve never tried, but I’ve had app developers recommend that I get the build of their open-source app from the Play store because they struggle to get timely updates into F-Droid). The thing I’d love to see is GitHub adding F-Droid repo to their set of supported repo types for generated artefacts. That would make it trivial for any open-source Android app (or in-house Android app on a private GitHub repo or GitHub Enterprice thing) to have a complete development to deployment process bypassing Google.

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      An interesting response to the epyc games stuff.

      Means all popular smartphones support all available app stores equally.

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        now you can get your facebook OEM bloat from googles,samsungs and xiaomis appstore ;)