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    Do you need to have a paid membership to actually read the paper from the ACM library?

    Here’s a link to the 2Q article directly for those that would like to take a look at it.

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      Thanks. I dug up the ACM link without checking if I could get full text from there. Link to PDF added.

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      Very interesting, I enjoyed reading about both 2Q and “TU-Q”.

      Are there any other important buffer cache papers that I should read (other than just trawling down the list on Wiki)? I can already see a few places that would benefit from a more intelligent buffer cache policy (we use weighted LRU for the most part)

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        ARC (used by ZFS). “Outperforming LRU with an Adaptive Replacement Cache Algorithm” is a readable paper that also summarizes some other approaches.

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          Thanks! Will read this next. I’m currently sifting my way through “Car: Clock with Adaptive Replacement”, which seems to be a cousin to ARC?

          Who knew buffer algorithms could be so interesting? :D