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    8 Validities You NEED to Become a Semilattice

    1. ⊢Φ⊑Φ
    2. ⊢Φ⊑Ψ→Ψ⊑Λ→Φ⊑Λ
    3. ⊢Φ⊓Ψ⊑Φ
    4. ⊢Ψ⊓Φ⊑Φ
    5. ⊢Φ⊑Φ⊔Ψ
    6. ⊢Φ⊑Ψ⊔Φ
    7. ⊢Φ⊑Λ→Ψ⊑Λ→Φ⊔Ψ⊑Λ
    8. ⊢Λ⊑Φ→Λ⊑Ψ→Λ⊑Φ⊓Ψ

    (also, the positive implicational calculus)

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        Bonus tips:

        9. Learn how to design user interfaces.
        10. Learn how to use colors and fonts to make the psychological impression you want.
        11. Learn how to build interfaces with as little design friction as possible.

        I mean seriously, from 1 through 8, it’s all character traits, not actual skills. Oh, btw, you should probably know how to build a UX design as well. Like, learn the API’s and stuff you will be needing.