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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    • on Saturday I will be live-streaming my wife and I as we find out the gender of our first child! So fucking excited!
    • celebrating my birthday on Saturday (along with the above!)
    • noobish carpentry: trying (and so far failing) to build a floating shelf. Oh well, such is the learning process. Just wish plywood wasn’t so damned expensive right now haha
    • if I manage to get a shelf done, I’m gonna finally be able to set up my projector and then I can spend my remaining time (and most of the next month) playing Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West on the giant new projector setup!
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      Update: The second attempt shelf is looking much better! Thank god…

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        celebrating my birthday on Saturday (along with the above!)

        Parabens/happy birthday!

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        Recovering from COVID :/ With a young child at nursery, I suppose the surprising thing is it’s taken so long to catch us.

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          Building an undo event system for gtk-rs (gtk Rust bindings) for a data-heavy application with a variety of possible types for the user to mutate. Feels like the only way is to “give in” the Gtk way of Gobjects and properties and signals and… But there’s so. much. glue code. to pass state around.

          I have a rough prototype here: https://gist.github.com/epilys/99fb75129c58b003b0b10c778f442b86

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            Writing a thing to parse the awful PDF rail tickets my company’s travel provider sends out, with the intention of converting them into Apple Wallet passes instead. The QR code bit is easy, getting the metadata (destination, times) will be the hardest as it’s about parsing free text in specific places on the page.

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              Recovering from my Pfizer booster. I’ve been zonked all day.

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                Learning more about Swift Playgrounds.

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                  Putting the finishing touches on my current 8 bit retro side project to make all the internet archive’s Atari 8 bit collection accessible from the computer itself via wifi.

                  It’s working great right now, but it downloads the entire direction into one GIANT folder of folders which is.. Unpleasant to navigate on an 8 bit 40 column display :)

                  The API I’m using gives me access to the metadata for each item, so I’m thinking I’ll just create folders and symlink to the individual items by Software Collection (e.g. Utilities, Productivity, Games, Library/Magazine Disks, etc.)

                  That should be easier to navigate. I also want to create a little animated image to show folks what it looks like to navigate the results on the Atari.

                  Also want to add a time/data stamp file so we can restrict the search to only new binaries uploaded since the last run.

                  Building this has made me want to hack on the Internet Archive’s Python API library. There’s some truly low hanging fruit there - like, I do an item search right now, and then have to trigger 3 separate downloads because the glob_pattern parameter only takes a SINGLE glob (uses fnmatch() in Python). Would be trivial to allow for multiple glob patterns which would let me do only one download pass.

                  Also been getting interested in @technomancy’s fennel. I feel like this may finally be a LISP I can wrap my tiny brain around and actually write useful code with :)

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                    Uploading a couple of themes for my sh simple static site generator. preview 1, preview 2.

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                      I’m helping to run a Diversity CFP Day in the spirit of Global dCFPd. The global event didn’t happen in 2022 and C&S had some folks ask about it, so we’re doing it as we had prior to the pandemic. As a tech conference organizer for more than a decade, I love helping people put presentation ideas to paper and work it into an abstract and outline. Sometimes, we’ve even gotten so far as to get a few slides made!

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                        Original plans have been thrown up in the air after finding out I spent 36 hours in close contact with an asymptomatic COVID case. Attempting not to spread anything if I caught it.

                        Likely split between technology, relaxing, catching up on housework/garden maintenance and learning.

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                          I’m just taking a break not from coding burnt out but from writing so many requirement doc. Yes, I am a SWE. We have vaporware, folks.

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                            Moving $BIG_PERSONAL_PROJECT (the ionospheric mapping thing that I’m always ranting about here because I don’t talk about $WORK much) over to a new server. Not the actual cutover (which will come after I ship the server to a datacenter), but the dry run of figuring out what non-automated stuff I did on the old machine and whether everything will play nice on the new one.

                            New box has 3x the cores, but also at least a modest improvement in single-core performance… looks like about 50%.

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                              Working on operating system stuff more; just need to finish debugging the memory allocator (siiiiigh) and then I’ll probably clean up interrupts so I can start on drivers and userland.

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                                I’m installing a lock on my office door (one of those fancy ones with a code) since we entertain people (sometimes little people) often who are nosy and don’t need to be in my office. A lot of this is drilling holes in doors, and routing little grooves for wires and stuff. I am not a locksmith but I’ve watched the lockpicking lawyer enough that I think I can manage.

                                I’m also moving my router and one of my servers into a soundproof cabinet (rack). I ordered the wrong power strip, so I’m making new plugs for it. Once I’m done I’m going to do some sound-tests with a bunch of usb fans to see how it does. my goal is to replace some of my aws spend over the next year. everything takes time to build and ship.

                                I upgraded my desktop pc and now spotifycli and brotab don’t work. probably other things i haven’t found yet (just upgraded overnight). I hate how fragile python applications are. I probably just need to reinstall it (and anything else that depended on python3.8).

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                                  Keeping it low-key this weekend to recover from a busy work week and recharge for another work week where state computer-based testing begins. Definitely visiting the gym today and tomorrow after two days off, and looking to spend some time tending to chores and giving some attention to my vintage computers, maybe even some gaming.

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                                    Migrating DataStation’s UI-driven JSON storage engine to an API-driven SQLite storage engine. Before this the UI would send the whole project JSON blob to the backend and it would be dumped to disk. This was, as you can imagine, hugely buggy the more you used it. The migration is mostly done at this point but now I’m hunting down bugs and doing a bunch of testing.