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      Had just the other day put an wrt54gl in my electrical trash bin, to take to recycling later on, but after reading this article I got an urge to turn it into an raspberry pi case or something.

      I like the form factor, it’s kina cult. But the internal parts is not worth that much now a day.

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      I had a WAP11. By the time I was ready to upgrade beyond that, Buffalo had come around with their 11g devices with more-or-less official Linux support so I bought a couple of WHR-HP-G54s and put OpenWRT on them.

      Later on I got a Linksys WRT1900AC and ran OpenWRT/LEDE on it but the results were disappointing - the potential was there but it had lots of problems with random reboots, thermal issues, and inexplicable slow packet handling. That’s what finally convinced me to go the Ubiquiti route and decouple my APs from my router, like the good old days.