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    Author of the linked post here. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have

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      I am an Erlang developer and I would like to play with Lasp. What do you recommend I check or do to learn more about it or to understand its full potential?

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        Right now we’ve been very focused in seeing how far we can push the runtime, so unfortunately the documentation is pretty lacking. It’s something I want to fix :)

        As for learning, there are a couple of papers that maybe can help. This one gives an overview of the language, while this other one explains how the dataflow runtime is implemented.

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        any expectation on the code speedup/space improvement?

        By the way, impressive work!

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          Is this a framework for erlang?

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            You can probably think of Lasp as an experiment in figuring out ways to make it easier to build distributed systems. It’s implemented as an Erlang library but, as @adsouza said, it isn’t explicitly tied to the Erlang VM.

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              The prototype is implemented as a an Erlang library but the model itself isn’t tied to any one language.