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The weekly thread where we talk about our goals, problems, projects, etc.

For me: I got my motherboard back from warranty repair. Unfortunately, while it ran for a good while, it didn’t seem to matter and went back to the old ways. It’s down to the CPU now for what could be wrong. (The symptoms sometimes feel like the heatsink, considering mine has a broken pin and is awful to install, but its locked tightly, has paste reapplied, and delivers normal idle temps at firmware. Maybe I’ll have to get some real server class hardware…


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      I’ve left my game studio of the last five years. We delivered momentous, amazing products, but everything has its time. Still trying to come to terms with all of the emotions, but the one that’s winning right now is looking forward to the new challenges ahead.

      On that note, I’m looking to build a cohesive, diverse, mentoring, professional, @danluu-style ™ dev team to join me in Santa Monica, working on a very high scale, very high visibility, consumer product. I’ll put more out on this when I’ve pulled all the threads together and the lobsters job posting time comes around, but I invite anyone interested in learning more to e-mail me at (my lobsters user name) at gmail.

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        What sort of work did you do there?

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          I was the studio technical director (https://www.linkedin.com/in/felix-gallo-bb30692a), which involved running a number of teams on a wide variety of projects, and writing distributed systems code on the backend.

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        I’ve been working for a month as a part-time programmer at TenantBase, and it’s a great mix of people, business, and code, I’m really happy to have found it.

        On Wednesday I’m kicking off Rails Remote Conf 2016 about ways that normal use of ActiveRecord lead to invalid data.

        I’m recording the first episode of a new Ruby podcast today. There’s a big gap with the Ruby on Rails Podcast losing its longtime co-host (scheduling issues, they’ve only had a few episodes in the last six months), Ruby Rogues on indefinite hiatus (quality/personnel issues led to all the panelists leaving), Ruby5 stopping/becoming Ruby Facets (owners canceled, one co-host is carrying on with the format). I’m thinking the format will be 40-70 minutes per week of talk about the experiences and tools of programming in Ruby and Rails, largely driven by interviews. I’m looking for guests, so if you have an interesting story or wrote something useful (or know someone who does), please contact me at my first name @valent.io.

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          Against my better judgment, I decided to start a podcast. The premise is a bi-weekly show that talks about a CS paper, datastructure or algorithm. I’ve recorded a few shows and am now editing them. Spending a lot of time trying to figure out the right format, tweaking audio, setting up a better “studio” in my house, etc.

          The biggest time-suck so far has been editing down the content. I originally wanted to do deep, technical reviews/crits of papers, just like a real journal club. But after cleaning up the narration and listening to the final audio… deep, hour-long reviews are just too dense to listen to. Without visuals it’s just too hard to follow imo.

          So I’m going back and editing the episodes down to 30min, with a focus on showcasing the main algo/datastructure and the intuition behind them, without getting bogged down in the math or critiques.

          Anyhow, it’s been fun. I’ve learned that my inner geek likes audio geekery too :)

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            It’s Canadian Thanksgiving so me and the missus are visiting my parents. Workwise I’m reading through the ISO 27002 document which is boring me to tears. Also writing a log parser in C for fun.

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              Learning some Elixir by implementing a parallel solver for the Knights Tour problem.

              For my day job, working on adding multi-document upload support for IE9 (it’s exactly as fun as it sounds…).

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                For work:

                Writing a very simple ETL piece of code in Go because I’m annoyed at the complexity of the available solutions. Also trying to dodge having to work on another project that has been sucking my motivation dry. I’m technically not supposed to be working on it anyway, so I can’t say that I care.

                For homework:

                I’ve started a data science MOOC from the MIT, it’s super fun, I can see exactly how much stuff I don’t know and I need to be familiar with in order to actually understand what the hell is going on. Really tons of fun. Also, funded by company, so I didn’t have to pay a cent. Yay!

                There’s also a few things I’m working on to help a non-profit, and there might be contractual work lining up for me. WHO KNOWS.

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                  I’ve begun looking into starting my own business. In order to do this I need some decent server hardware. Come to find out, second hand (i.e. refurbished) hardware isn’t anywhere near as expensive as I thought it would be. I’ve been looking at like NeweggBusiness and Amazon. Any other suggestions there?

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                    Where are you located?

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                      Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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                    This week I’ll keep improving ELK integration to my Docker infrastructure.

                    I also intend to learn some Dart, I’d really like to add IRHydra to mono.morph.ist, my pet project to help JS/node devs improve their understanding of JS runtime/compiler. So far I started creating Docker images with v8 built in debug/tracing mode, and now I’ll have to find a way of getting the ASM and hydrogen code generated by v8 directly load into IRHydra without having to download the files and load them into a web interface.

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                      I’m working on a cool little service and tool that could be described as dropbox with client side encryption and deduplication targeted at technical people.

                      Working on storing the encrypted data packs in s3, though the tool itself can be used standalone over ssh on your own server much like git.

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                        Going to dive into D, have to work on a site I am building for my mom, and have a heavy week at working ahead of me.

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                          Yaaaaay, D! I’m glad to see people getting into it. I really enjoy it myself.

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                          This week I’m continuing my work on TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification, learning Smalltalk (very slowly), and of course my teaching responsibilities. I’m also working on refreshing my knowledge of the French language.

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                            I’m learning that even simple physical products (rather than a SaaS thing) bring a world of complexity. I thought http://www.programmingposters.com would be a nice, simple ‘make quality things that people want’ side project which would tick along easily with a minimal static site and a Shopify backend. WRONG! Even though I have a print background (long ago), I’d never had to deal with the mixed quality of printer results (therefore reprints, delays), the cost of defects and damage, the need to pre-buy and hold actual stock, shipping physical objects safely, etc.

                            It’s taking a surprising amount of headspace, but it is still fun – and I’m trying to stay in the ‘this is all useful learning’ mood, which is helping a lot.

                            Which is also a long way of saying “I should be doing more Elixir for fun, but keep running out of time” ;o)

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                              Just got back from a weekend hike through Land Between the Lakes. Looking for a new job, since my last temp gig had a ridiculous shift (19:30 - 6:00) and a long six day work week. Fortunately, applying for jobs has never been easier! I’m also trying to keep up with my Coursera classes, and the OCaml MOOC. Last weekend, I put together a series of projects to work on over the course of my lifetime as a hobbyist programmer.

                              Still tackling the Matasano Crypto challenges, Project Euler, and now the Eudyptula Challenge. Very fun!

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                                I have a few things in flight at home. First, is a minimal statsd compatible system in C. I’d like to make it dependency free (minus libc) so it’ll probably fork and pipe the data to another process to report data upstream.

                                Second, I’ve got an itch to mess around with some ideas for jubil, this little Joy inspired toy-lang I wrote a couple of years ago. What I’d like to do is turn it into a concatenative Lisp of sorts, but everything is a bit fuzzy at the moment.