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I note the 15-day old user ‘tuxy’ doesn’t exactly appear to be a spammer, but does seem to be just slowly submitting ‘stories’ from http://readtext.org.

It seems to be mostly historical, but I’m not sure it’s really contributing much. The other day I saw “Compilers and How They Work An Overview” (lobsters link) and wondered if it would be any good, but uh, the line:

With the IBM PC, this virtual language is 8088 machine code.

made me realise otherwise.

What do you think?


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    definitely clickbaiting. content is stolen (see below) and plastered with ads. just remove this already and be done with it.

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      @FRIGN, I got permission to post all the content :-) But if you guys don’t like it yes please remove it ;-)

      To Mods/Admins: Please delete any posts you consider spamming. Thank You!

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        @ FRIGN, Please STOP lying! No content is stolen!!! I got permission to re-post any text file on website. Also there is only one non-intrusive text-only AD, not plastered with ADs like you say!

        @Admin/Mod: If you feel that any of the posts that I made is SPAM please REMOVE them! Thank You!

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        So? They’re interesting documents. The site doesn’t seem to be spamming, but it is quality content, age considered.

        Is @tuxy affiliated with the site? If they aren’t shilling or anything, I’m fine.

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          The website looks to be quite new (probably his own?) and all the content is straight from http://textfiles.com with some formatting and ads. Shouldn’t he link the original source directly?

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            @ sdlnv, I post link to original content on all pages on the bottom of the page!

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            It just seems a bit strange to produce a pseudo-index of the site in the form of lobsters posts. I wasn’t sure, hence posting here.

            The poster does appear to be affiliated with/the author of the site in question, and indeed, can be seen posting the same links elsewhere ([1], [2]).

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              @ kivikakk, “pseudo-index” does not bellong to just one site. Its just a good way to organize relavent content. I never even looked at Lobsters or any other site when I designed ReadText ;-)

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              @ calvin, yes any text-file posted is hand-picked and formated to be easily read on any device. Yes I’m the editor on the site :-) I’m glad you like the site, in time there will be much more content from other BBS' boards and old forums as well. (with permission to re-post of course ;-)

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                That’s not what upvotes and downvotes are intended to be used for.

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                Everyone please calm down and stop making up stories. ReadText is not SPAM and not SPAMMING! I’ve personally requested Admin of Lobsters to remove any ReadText.org posts I made since you all consider it to be spam or self-promotion. It’s funny that you self-promote others everyday but when some one else posts there own website link you consider this to be spam. Spamming this site was never my intention, so please stop whining! The only AD on the site is non-intrusive text-only on the top of the page this it. ALL the content posted on ReadText is with permission from original sources. Happy holidays everyone, and peace!