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    From the About page:

    Note: Any mails which do not use PGP are discarded by automated software.

    From their DMCA info:

    Please provide less than 10 urls in 1 email. Make sure the e-mail is text only(no HTML) and not word-wrapped so as the link is not split up on 2 lines.

    They require the lawyers to send a text only PGP encrypted email for DMCA notices ^^ I love it!

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      Maybe this is the push PGP needed to finally become user-friendly… or rather, to attract funding for making a useable UI for it.

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      There’s something skeevy about a “Top 1,000” page in which all of the top results are clearly pirated materials. They can’t monitor every single link, but those “Top 1,000” look like fish in a barrel.