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    Is there a demo link?

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      Sure! Just updated README to include a screenshot and a link to a demo

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        It’s a shame it’s not responsive.

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          Hi Paul! Thank you for the feedback! It is indeed absurd it is not responsive, but we’re working on it. <3

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      I’ve always assumed Stripe’s docs, like most other API references, are generated by using Swagger/OpenAPI or similar. Docuowl looks nice but maintaining docs separately is often problematic. Using Swagger or ReDoc to generate docs from a spec is much more effective than manually maintaining them.

      That said, this looks nicely styled and I can see it being useful for smaller projects.

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        Hi there! Thank you for the feedback! Using Swagger/OpenAPI is indeed better for bigger projects, and I completely agree with you that it may become problematic. In our case, we will for sure have extra work to maintain everything updated, but I think it is worth it, since using Docuowl over Swagger/OpenAPI can lead to a better (visual) result. Maybe in the future we can try to find a way to transform ReDoc into a Docuowl site! :D

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          Docuowl definitely looks nicer than the default Swagger UI :-) I chose ReDoc for my last project because it had a nicer UI, although customising it was a bit tricky.

          I’ll definitely consider this for some personal projects where Swagger is too much :-)