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TextSynth provides access to large language models such as GPT-J or GPT-NeoX thru a REST API and a playground.


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    Test it out here: https://textsynth.com/playground.html

    Here’s my prompt:

    In the beginning was the command line. I can’t tell you how many hours of my life were wasted staring at an editor and trying to get it to understand a simple command. Then came the GUI. You could do the same stuff with a GUI, but it’s much nicer and way more efficient. Then came the text editors. We all know what text editors are. They’re like a computer. They can do the same stuff, but they can also do so much more.

    But the more powerful and more powerful text editors also became far more complex, and that’s when you need to really go back to the command line. And as you go back to the command line, you can’t go back to the GUI. You have to go back to text editors. So there are very few editors that can do the same things a GUI does. The best you can do is get a GUI that is designed for editors. A GUI that is designed for editors.