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    devuan.org has been pwned linux satire devuan.org

The devuan.org website appears to be hacked.


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    The prime numbers at the bottom of the website are UNIX timestamps that convert to April 1 1970 and April 1 2019 respectively.

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      Remember, tomorrow is the day when the whole internet goes nuts. (Check the date.)

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        I’m not sure how much I would trust a distro that ‘pranks’ users by crying wolf about being compromised.

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          I might be inclined to trust such a distro more

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            They’d be the most honest or among them.

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            In many parts of the world it is already that day..

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            Oh wow – this is an elaborate “prank.” You can actually even view bug reports, git {commits,trees,etc}, … there even are ASCII graphs of the popcon!

            In case you’re in need for a gopher client: lynx(1) works well.

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              I use sacc(1), or custom scripts that just does printf '%s\r\n' "$query" | nc "$domain" "$port" and that just works. :)

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                Or, for Emacs: https://github.com/msnyder-info/gopher.el

                There’s also a Firefox plugin (which I found out about browsing gopher via Emacs….)

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                Pathethic hacker.

                Instead of defacing the website, he could just have silently added the systemd package in the official repository as a mandatory upgrade.

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                  I’d rather say that devuan.org has been fixed ;)

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                    Anyone know of a good android gopher client?

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                      Only in F-Droid, but Pocket Gopher is nice. On the Google market there is dingo diggy or named like that, which works as well

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                        Yeah, DiggieDog is pretty decent

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                      Confirmed joke: https://lists.dyne.org/lurker/message/20190401.070222.844cb081.en.html

                      If you look at the thread, they really doubled down on it though. That was concerning.

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                        Still available at https://devuan.org/pwned.html

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                          I have to say, for a gopher hole, it does look pretty good.

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                            They’re doing marketing for this Gopher thingy, but the website of this Gopher project is like something from 1980’s, total trash. I doubt many people will care for it.

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                              Did they turn it off?

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                                Seems like Gopher and PewDiePie methodologies to get traction are the same.