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When mindlessly browsing through the Black Friday pages, I discovered the Amazon Echo devices whose hardware specification looks quite attractive according to the teardown posts

I’m wondering if I can “jailbreak” one and put some custom firmware on it. It would be awesome if we run k3s on it (imagine a cluster consisting of awakened Amazon Echo Dot!) If that’s too tricky, perhaps we can somehow get root access through a serial console and run some cross-compiled code on it?

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do this and I am surprised by the sparseness of the resources on this topic. Despite being vendor-locked by Amazon, the devices themselves are powerful and cheap, so that sounds like a fun side-project. Plus, we have physical access to them, and that would make things a lot easier, right?

I would appreciate it if anyone have experience or advice on how to jailbreak an Amazon Echo Dot.

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    I’ve been idly keeping an eye out for something for a couple years now, because I have a couple of them that I got as a gift, but don’t feel comfortable giving them enough access to my stuff to make them useful.

    There hasn’t been much. Last time I looked, I bookmarked:

    All in all… I am pretty comfortable hacking on weird little devices, and I have two of these I’d like to put custom firmware on. I haven’t tried hard, but I have been looking. I haven’t found anything that has looked promising enough to give it a try, and I don’t care if I “brick” (“puck”?) mine. I don’t think there’s anything promising/fun enough here to be worth buying one just for this purpose.

    I hope someone has found something more promising and posts it here. But for “fun side project” territory, I’m not sure these pucks are any better than some of the open devices you can find on the pine64 store for similar ballpark prices. If you don’t learn about a good community effort for the echo dot, that might be a good direction to look.

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      This was what Phoronix linked to when 5.6 was released with Echo support: https://labs.f-secure.com/archive/alexa-are-you-listening/

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        Is there anything interesting to be done with a jailbroken Echo Dot? It’s basically a speaker, microphone, and wifi chip?

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          So as useful as a laptop while you have grease on your hands and are watching a pot boil.

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            it might be easier to just wash your hands than jailbreak one of these and run something useful on it.