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    Will it let me modify this website to be accessible to people who can’t or don’t want to watch videos?

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      Yeah, it is infuriating (and embarrassing) for an accessibility tool to not provide an accessible transcription of the videos. Meh.

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        I don’t know why this is labeled “a11y”, it’s not necessarily a tool for enhancing accessibility.

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        My phrasing here is trollish (apologies to anyone hurt) but my point is serious.

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          If you follow the link to the web version of the Convivial Computing Salon paper, that page has plenty of writing about the project:

          In this paper, we present spreadsheet-driven customization, a technique that enables end users to customize software without doing any traditional programming. The idea is to augment an application’s UI with a spreadsheet that is synchronized with the application’s data. When the user manipulates the spreadsheet, the underlying data is modified and the changes are propagated to the UI, and vice versa.

          We have implemented this technique in a prototype browser extension called Wildcard.