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      Eh, code in git repository doesn’t seem to match man page?

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        Just a slight mismatch in naming (now fixed), thanks! (Next time it’d be better to email the issue :D)

        I did notice that switching to FixedBufferAllocator late in development and not testing on my longer example I missed a bug of it simply not looking past like the ~6th memory unit (because it runs out of memory). I’ll fix it tomorrow since I think no one is particularly ecstatic anyway to use it X) Personally using it with the small REPL script I include has been nice and I plan to just host my topics on a VPN and use sshfs to keep them always in sync! Like my personal Duolingo :^)

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          Ah, I ran git clone https://len.falken.directory/code/sm2.git, which (still) seems to have a version that prints “Usage: sr [-a|-n|-r]”. git clone git://len.falken.directory/code/sm2.git gives a version that prints “Usage: sm2 [new|show|grade|until|next]”, matching the man page.

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            Yeah there’s a reason I put “git://” in the man page ;) You’re probably hitting some weird caching by nginx…!