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    To refine this thought, I’d add that not programming (right now) is also an option. It’s a skill, like any other, that gets better with practice, but that doesn’t mean you need to practice if you don’t have a use for it. You dont need to know programming if you don’t have anything to program.

    Just relax, content with the knowledge that if you had a problem, you’d be able to solve it. And never worry, you’ll have plenty of problems soon enough.

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      Thinking back to when I was a new developer and experienced this predicament the desire to program wasn’t to solve a problem, it was because I had a taste of this fun, intellectually stimulating activity and I wanted to do more of it, in addition to improving my skills. Programming is an enjoyable activity in itself so I’d argue if you want to program more then go ahead, even if it’s not solving a problem :)