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    Great article for anyone who hasn’t seen it before. I linked to it in some of my optimization posts on https://www.schneems.com

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        You know of a better post on pagination methods that you would like to link to? I get that it’s in a company blog, but, it’s also kinda good info.

        I sometimes write blog posts for Heroku’s blog and it’s really frustrating to spend hours on a very detailed technical piece and get snark because it’s attached to a #brand. Either the content is good or it’s not. If it’s not good content say why, provide better sources, or otherwise. I moved away from HN due to massive snark/cynicism. I would like it if it didn’t follow me over to lobsers.

        I appreciate your concern for the community and quality of posts, i’m guess i’m asking if there’s a more constructive way to voice that concern.

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            “Seeking method” approach from the article you linked is equivalent to what is called “keyset pagination” in the citusdata article. It’s my favorite method whenever I can afford to not provide current page / total page count.