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      It surprises me that there are so many libraries for stand-alone HTTP servers in different languages and yet it hasn’t become a core feature of any mainstream OS. Both macOS and Windows ship with a full-fledged web server, yet their platform APIs don’t include simple interfaces for adding to a share or exposing an app via a proxy, which would give you a single place for configuring TLS and so on.

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      Nice! I recently did similar, with fewer options to configure, and given that there are lots of other versions out there it’s probably quite a nice lil’ project for folks too.

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        I too did something similar a while back. But with.. MORE options. I have it print a log line for every request, and added support for using TLS. Been very useful for me when testing misc HTML+CSS, CTFs, etc

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          Haha nice! Did you intend for it to be a proprietary project? The LICENSE is empty, so it defaults to All-Rights-Reserved

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            Oh god no! I thought I made this either WTFPL or MIT. I’ll have to add one of those to the file.