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        Most of the suckless software is addictive. I’ve found myself reliant on dmenu and st as of late. I usually install them immediately on any new system. I’ve also taken to using OpenBSD’s pdksh (and in absense of that, mksh) as a primary shell on most machines.

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      There’s very little software in the world that doesn’t angry up my blood; still less that doesn’t even disappoint me. tsort. isync. Emacs, although it does disappoint more often than I’d like. Interface Builder used to be lovely, but it’s been subsumed into Xcode and the less said about that the better.

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        I’m not sure how to interpret the last part:

        The only thing that matters in software is the experience of the user.

        A lot of complexity is added with the user in mind. The complexity is features that users want (or don’t want and nobody cares). I’m not sure how to square that with making things better. My own setup is pretty simple, at least much simpler than people I know, but it’s also not something my parents would be able to use because its simplicity requires a particular view of the world to appreciate and navigate.

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          TL;DR software is hard.

          Just a stream of consciousness rant. Nothing useful.