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I recreated https://www.versionmuseum.com/images/websites/youtube-website/webp/youtube-website%5E2005%5Eaugust-homepage.webp but tried to stick to today’s YouTube’s styling conventions, while still trying to keep that certain feel of 2005 YouTube.

This was fun. Took about 3hr.


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    I wanted to mention: it’d be cool to see this becoming a trend. Taking old revisions of sites and bringing them into today’s world. To me, it’s interesting to observe how well the layout of information holds up over 15 years, and if the design was truly insane, decent, or great.

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      hi, keep a legendary game alive, consider playing unreal tournament 2004! :) https://discord.gg/kxAKeZ

      Ha, one of my all time favourite games!

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        Might want to tag this with show? Anyhow, were page elements always this big?

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          I can’t seem to change it.

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            Other people can change tags by making suggestions. The “show” tag has just been added on this story.

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          Really interesting to see that old UI, the updated version and the current one. It helps tell what I would have use but based on my use of YouTube currently. First thing I was searching for was my subscriptions, which doesn’t seems to be existing back then. I like personalized content and not sure how I would feel about Featured videos.