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At the moment there is a lisp tag. Lisp is a family of languages, and Clojure is different from other Lisps in significant ways.


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    Another proposal: add language: to all of the language tags because if we keep adding things, we’ll just be adding words that people might not recognize as a programming language.

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      I’ve seen this sort of “meta-tagging” on sites like Pinboard. I don’t think it’s really needed on Lobsters though, because tags are fixed and define scope, (which is small and each tag described) rather than free-form tagging.

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      At this point, tag additions are so permissive that @jcs might as well add a feature where it’s suggested by user, it’s recorded somewhere, and he just accepts or rejects after seeing an automatic notification. Optionally, a custom type of thread with no comments allowed is created on front page with the votes deciding it.

      Then, we have less pointless metas on tags. I say pointless since people rarely agree and he usually grants them if it’s a significant tech. We can save metas for things like practices or philosophy that aren’t straight up a language, OS, or something.

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        I don’t really see too many a month - maybe one or two, and having votes and discussions is a good way to gauge the situation before acting on it.

        Keep in mind fixed tags allow the site’s scope to be constrained, and too many tags can cause tags getting overlooked or choice paralysis.

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          “too many tags can cause tags getting overlooked or choice paralysis.”

          That’s what I alluded to in the last one talking about what’s in Wikipedia’s list of languages or OS’s.

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        +1 to clojure-tag. I don’t care about other lisp variants, but clojure and its ecosystem interests me.

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            fantastic ?

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            lisp + java = Clojure

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              erlang + compsci = elixir? programming + distributed = erlang? java + science = scala? javascript - browsers = nodejs?

              There are currently 798 results for “clojure”. elixir for comparison has 313, elm has 233.

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                clojure is fairly unique and differentiated.

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                  @Yogthos: When making a new tag thread, it usually helps to provide prior art.

                  Look at posts like this and this for some inspiration on how to make more compelling posts. :)

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                    That’s a good point. It can be a requirement in my proposal of automating it where it straight-up says on the forum to include example articles and number of hits. Then, admin can check it at a glance or with one search. Even the search might be an automated action that generates a report that is added to the notification.

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                      thanks for the tip :)

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                      Is it different in ways that make people want to hear about one and not the other, though?

                      Is there anything you’ve wanted to post, but could not because there was no Clojure tag?

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                        Clojure is quite different from other Lisps. It’s a completely separate ecosystem with different libraries and tools around it.

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                        The ammount of requests will tend to stabilize with time because lobste.rs right now is much younger than most tech eligible for tags.

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                          It’s super frustrating to get half way through reading an article only to find out that it’s about Scheme or some dialect of LISP that it not Clojure. Feels like a waste of my time.