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    I see that the Xen hypervisor has received major work. Where is Xen at nowadays? it doesn’t seem to receive the buzz of Firecracker, Bhyve etc… Is it still good and being used, just not trendy? Or is there some reason why people have moved away from it?

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      xcp-ng continues to gain popularity.

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      There was a tense discussion around the quality of the WireGuard implementation that was merged in 2020. I see that Wireguard support is now part of this beta release, has the situation resolved itself, or is the original author of Wireguard still unhappy with the NetBSD implementation?

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        Looks like an independent implementation[0] but that was a weird request. To me it read as a cease-and-desist in developer speak. Imagine Lamport asking Paxos implementors to abandon their code because “it was hastily picked up, and not with enough study”. Liked how the NetBSD folks responded.

        [0] - https://man.netbsd.org/wg.4