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    My first thought, why write a PDF about developing for the web?! Why not show me instead of tell me? I clicked through the link by Mex in the comments, and discovered:

    Prolog IDE in a browser: https://swish.swi-prolog.org/example/examples.swinb

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      Got it from “triska” on HN who wrote Power of Prolog. He said this about the author of Web Prolog:

      “The primary author of this system is Torbjörn Lager, the inventor of Pengines. This functionality is the basis of many current web-based Prolog applications. Web Prolog is a natural successor of Pengines. The book also includes a comparison of the two approaches.

      Portability between implementations is a major goal and attraction of Web Prolog. Here is a quote from the book:

      ‘An application written in Web Prolog is portable between different node implementations. Indeed, an application written in pure Web Prolog will not only be portable in the normal sense, but we will likely also be able to run it on a node that we do not own nor manage.’

      The language is described as “based on Prolog, with a pinch of Erlang sprinkled in”. A tutorial-style introduction to Web Prolog is also included in this repository.”

      Note: Lightly edited the quote to turn URL’s into Markdown links and condense it a bit.

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        For those of you on mobile a link to the GitHub repository https://github.com/Web-Prolog/swi-web-prolog