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    It is disheartening that this does not seem particularly egregious, given the state of the modern web.

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      It also requires JavaScript so I sat there for a while waiting for a blank screen to load (:

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        It’s an example of UI anti-patterns, so of course it requires JS.

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        I got stuck on the captcha.

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          You always need to click on all the images (from the examples I got). Make sure to scroll up up up up

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          I gave up on the captcha. Will this end at some point? I think I filled 4 or 5 of the captcha screens before I wanted to throw my PC out of the window.

          The funny thing is how you can relate many components to modern web pages: Cookie banners, message boxes popping up on the bottom right, fullscreen hover popups about “Please subscribe to our newsletter”…

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            The captcha ended for me after three screens – checking pictures containing “glasses”, “checks”, and “bows”.

            Maybe the form checks if you marked the pictures accurately. Did you notice that the checkboxes aren’t associated with the picture close above them, but the picture far below them? To see the checkboxes for the top row of pictures, you have to scroll up. I’m not sure if it mattered, but I didn’t select the pictures of glass windows since I would call them “glass”, not “glasses”, and I didn’t select the single picture of chess pieces that were not in check.

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              I noticed the checkboxes being above the pictures (but also well done that you have to scroll up a bit to see this). My mistake might have been the glasses. There was one image with multiple panes(?) of glass, which I marked as “glasses”.

              But having to repeat this over and over was also a nice feeling of surfing the web with a VPN and getting Google captchas. I feel that when you use a VPN you get the most difficult ones and have to do like 5 or more to reach a website.

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            05:33 on mobile, I nearly died (of laughter). 🤣

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              At least on my phone, I think there was some unintentional breakage as well, so I never really did much.

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                It worked fine even on my weird firefox configuration on mobile. It is just the challenge.