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Right now, we have the ability to filter tags based on our desire to not see items labeled by a set of tags.

I propose the ability to star/favorite/fave/heart tags such that, at a minimum, the items get highlighted so that they jump out on the homepage more. Might be nice to increase the hotness on an individual level too, but I’m not sure of the technical limitations there (maybe add that after base implementation is in place).

Let’s discuss!


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    I think at this point I am done adding features to the Lobsters code. It has enough bells and whistles that it’s usable for most people and it’s getting to the point where new things add lots of complexity and dependencies to solve problems that not many people have.

    I would appreciate people submitting fixes for the remaining bugs and maybe the feature requests already filed there.

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      Although the feature is interesting, I second this since feature creep is one of biggest problems we have in software today. Has all kinds of negative side effects. This kind of feature plus the filtering one seems like it’s best done in clients connecting to some API. People can innovate and experiment all the want with anything having major impact for many users being considered for adoption in core code of Lobsters. Left out by default, though.

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      FWIW, the lobste.rs RSS feed correctly implements tags, so if your news reader supports tag dispositions / weights / favouriting you can do exactly what you want. (I personally use and endorse NewsBlur, as it can simultaneously both filter out tags and highlight others)

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        I don’t know that Lobsters is high-volume enough to make this sort of feature worthwhile.

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          Actually, I would argue the reverse. The filter functionality that currently exists is better suited for a higher volume site. Fave tags are better suited for the kind of volume lobsters currently has. We just don’t get enough articles to where completely hiding them makes sense.

          This is just my personal opinion, and I am not in any way advocating removing the filter functionality since I know many Lobsters users would probably require it to be pried from their cold, dead hands.

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            I don’t think the filter technology exists for volume, I think it exists to avoid topics you don’t care about or don’t want to hear about. For example, for a while there were a number of posts on Lobsters decrying the JavaScript ecosystem, and I got tired of hearing them, so I filtered the JavaScript tag for a little while. This wasn’t about reducing volume. This was about not seeing these posts, so that I wouldn’t be tempted to waste more time and energy participating in their discussions.

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              But with the current filter functionality, how would you know when the dust had settled, or if there was an actual insightful javascript submission mixed in the bunch?

              It would be much better, IMO, to have filtering gray out stories instead of completely hiding them. By the same token, a fave tag could highlight current stories. This way all stories retain visibility, but the stories you want to see are easier to spot.

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                I waited a week and checked if the issue was still there. It wasn’t, so I removed the filter.

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              I agree on the filter part. I don’t filter anything since the article volume is so small my head can filter on its own. Increases discoverability of content I didn’t think about or otherwise might ignore on a high-noise site.

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                It’d be neat if users could choose custom tag weights. Currently ask, culture, meta, rant, and satire all have slightly negative weights by default.

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            I would love to have the ability to save or favorite stories and comments. Right now the only way you can go back and find things to read is by commenting on a story.

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              If you upvote a story, you can find it again at https://lobste.rs/upvoted which lists all your upvoted stories. Not sure what to suggest about comments, though.