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    These kinds of bugs are sometimes so bittersweet - I can’t be happier that I’m finally done, and I’m so relieved, but on the other hand, I’m upset that I spent so much time on it. But mostly I’m relieved that something taking so much time is “done”.

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      Hey, author of the post here! Really happy to see it on Lobsters, and I’d be happy to answer any questions and/or comments you have!

      I encountered this “bug” while working on rewriting my iOS app with the new App and Scene structures introduced during WWDC2020. The project is nearing completion, and I’m really excited about how its turning out.


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        Unfortunately not related to the content, but for me the font choice made the post too difficult to read.

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          Understandable. I was attempting to make it “retro,” though I’m going to change the font when I rewrite the site (soon) to make it clearer and load faster.

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            I agree with you. Try using Reader View if your browser supports it. It’s much better.

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              Pictures/videos also don’t work in Safari 14.

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                Yeah, they’re in .webm which for some reason is not supported by Safari despite massive size reductions from mp4. Going to need to add mp4s.

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              Nice post! Happens to all of us :-)

              That’s what you get for populating static items in a list. I’m a little confused about the sorting (or whether it works as needed):

              • Completed tasks are at the bottom. Ongoing tasks are at the top.
              • Higher priority items are at the top of their category (completed/ongoing).
              • After above two points, ordering is done ascending, by task name.

              The above statements sound nice, but:

              • the UI fails to show important (high prio) tasks
              • sorting by name is not visible, as the point above. Looking at the videos your provided, it appears sorting is random (although it may not be)

              I’m not an Apple user, but I would enjoy having a task list with the following features:

              • Priority items clearly marked (color/“hotness” or font weight)
              • Completed tasks with a “greyed out”/“disabled” state (the strikethrough helps)
              • Sorting based on the timestamp when the item was created/modified/completed
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                Thank you for the great suggestions!

                Some clarifications about sorting:

                • The exclamation marks on the trailing side are supposed to be the main indicator of priority, which I understand might be too small of an indicator.
                • The “ascending task name sort” is just a fancy way of saying alphabetical order. Because it’s the third priority it may seem a little random, but what it does is sort all tasks of the same priority and the same category (completed/ongoing) in alphabetical order.

                Feature suggestions:

                • I love the idea of color/weight indicators for priority! Definitely going to implement that going forward.
                • Completed tasks are grayed out in addition to the strikethrough in the main app, I’ve just yet to implement it in the rewrite.
                • The timestamp sort would be an important thing, but a big feature of the app is that tasks get deleted at midnight every day so that would be a really short-term thing. I will consider adding it as an additional sort method, though.