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      A course I’m taking this semester entalied project in which we built and tested a Wi-Fi antenna from “household” materials. It was super fun and if you’re looking for a side project right now this I can recommend this a lot!

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        I made a helical wifi antenna whilst in a rural mountainside in Greece. I managed to get a working link (~2MBit/s down) with a public-use AP in a village about 1.2km away. https://halestrom.net/darksleep/blog/032_helix_wifi/

        Before I made this: I had read about cantennas and wok-fi, but had little luck trying to work out how to recreate them. I didn’t have good access to the right shape of cookware where I was and not even much in the way of advanced tools. I thought of converting an umbrella into a big semi-parabolic reflector (by covering the fabric in aluminium foil + sticky tape), but I couldn’t think of a good way to get rid of the metal frame. Metal-free umbrelllas do exist, but they’re expensive and kind of defeat the purpose.

        In the article I link above I also adventure in making yagis for wifi (and why they didn’t work).