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    William Byrd’s The Most Beautiful Program Ever Written

    It starts off slow, but engaging, and when it pays off it pays off hard.

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      Thanks for posting this talk.

      I’ve noticed lots of extremely smart programming language researchers get excited about Kanren or mini-Kanren and I’m not really smart enough to see why. It’s always been presented somewhat opaquely. This talk has blown my mind. One of those rare, true satori moments. Gonna spend some serious time re-reading The Reasoned Schemer to kick off 2018.

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        Aye. miniKanren didn’t click with me until I saw this talk, and this is some amazing stuff.

        I was particularly excited about the Barliman demo and the possibility of future optimizations.

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        This is a lot like the David Foster Wallace commencement speech, “This Is Water.” It’s easier to find a link to the video than to the transcript, so here’s the latter.


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          from Strange Loop 2015

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            Ah, seems Gary only released the video this month, I presumed the recording was more recent.

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          I spend a lot of time during the year watching conference talks and I love sharing ’em.

          My favourite (off the top of my head): Principles of Technology Leadership - Bryan Cantrill. Bryan Cantrill is easily one of my favourite speakers and this talk addresses the relationships between principles+values and software, something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately in one form or another. I think a lot about what role software plays in society and how software developers and software companies can shape society for better or worse and this talk was right up my alley.

          Honourable mentions (really just looking through my YouTube favourites & history):

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            I’m not a Ruby developer but boy oh boy does RubyConf and RailsConf have some great talks year after year.

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              Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech - Sara Wachter-Boettcher

              My AI assistant does not understand me, this tech is toxic. So much bullshit in this talk

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                I downvoted you as a troll because you watched an hour long talk (giving you the benefit of the doubt that you watched the whole thing), then took 30 seconds to call it bullshit without making any real arguments or providing any worthwhile input.

                You think it’s bullshit. Neat. Anything interesting or substantial to add, or did you just really want us to know how you felt?

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                  I just said its a bullshit, relax. And yeah, I think it’s bullshit that a single cry baby can shutdown application because the application cannot understand how the cry baby feels.

                  PS: Understanding hour long talk does not require a time consuming deep thinking process

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              Definitely the one from another Crustacean, Chris Allen with his Why Johnny Can’t Code. I really liked it and it resonated a lot with my feelings on trainings in companies, but also peer recognition, and many other subjects (and it’s also a very funny talk!).

              A must watch imho: https://youtu.be/2xyZeovFqCA

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                A fun intro to Church Numerals by a charasmatic speaker:

                LAMBDA Functions: Powerful And Elegant Abstractions

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                  The Youtube channel that talk is from looks chock full of interesting talks. Thanks for posting!

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                  A great talk on what’s really lurking between the opcodes your standard x86 chip

                  Breaking the x86 ISA

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                    Guy Steel’s invited talk in Clojure/Conj 2017, on the meta-language of computer science: https://youtu.be/dCuZkaaou0Q

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                        Just wanna second Zebras all the way down. Great talk! His enthusiasm is infectious!

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                        Follow-up question:

                        Who were your favorite conference speakers that you saw for the first time in 2017?

                        Who would you like to see again? Who would you like to see at a smaller event that you’d like to see at a big one?

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                          Zach Tellman’s On Abstraction

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                            This was the most infulential talk for me:


                            Devops process is very tightly linked to company’s operational performance (profit, happiness, employee retention, hiring). So tightly it’s mind blowing.

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                              Because Im always an optimist What Went Wrong With The IT Industry By Cope

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                                I actually spent 2017 avoiding tech conferences. I was still trying to find myself after the burnout I’ve mentioned in other threads here, and didn’t identify with the communities I’d circulated in before. The only conference I attended was FOSDEM, and my favourite talk was Brad Kuhn on copyleft defense.

                                Also check out the lightning talk on GRUB, to find out just how large and well-funded your typical piece of critical open source infrastructure really is.

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                                  Sorry to hear you’re experiencing that. I burned out once in a fairly major way quite some years back. I was working so hard and so long over time that I barely noticed as my ability to actually get anything done slowly drained away to near zero.

                                  Getting married has helped A LOT for me, but obviously that solution isn’t valid for everyone. Finding the thing that helps keep you grounded and gives you the perspective to walk away and get sleep, take breaks, exercise etc is important.

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                                    My experience involved a reduction in number of marriages, and I identify with your second point that my self-importance gets low enough not to consider sleep, diet or exercise properly.

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                                      I disagree, most of the value of a conference is in networking with the speakers and other attendees. The fact that the videos are released online quickly these days just means I don’t have to spend the conference watching talks.

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                                        I don’t get to go to conferences in person all that much these days, but yeah I’ve got to say there is HUGE value in doing so, and as you point out it’s all about the networking.

                                        Working the hallway track, talking about the problems you face and comparing notes with others facing similar ones is invaluable. I guarantee you will come away inspired to try something you’d never thought of or heard of before and will be glad you did.

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                                        Many people derive great value and enjoyment from seeing presentations in person, asking questions, talking with other enthusiasts, etc. Your experience and values are not universal.