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    If I followed ElementaryOS, when it switched to Medium, I would have thought it had jumped the shark. Luckily I didn’t, but I’m happy to see that the shark was an optical illusion. ;)

    At one point, I had a project blog on Tumblr (before the acquisition). My friend was mocking me for it and telling me people only associate it with porn—he knew first hand, since he routinely used it for porn. It wasn’t an adequate platform for tech blogs, quite inept in fact, but what I found appealing is how non-evil it was. Medium is a polar opposite.

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      If they didn’t tell you it’s not medium, you might think it still is based on appearance. But then you click another article and it instantly loads. Amazing feat of engineering. :)

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        Jekyll is a good choice.

        I even got tired of Medium’s pushing as a paid ‘premium’ user and ditched them a couple months ago. Still read articles there, but overall I found their drive to monetize and get more “premium” content meant that I began getting utterly bombarded with content free self help articles. Not my scene.

        I should try Elementary one of these days, I like some of their philosophy. However I’ve been unable to tell thus far if they have key chorded full screen zoom, which is 100% critical for me given my vision.

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          Curiously, uMatrix still informs me that medium.com wants to save three cookies in my browser.