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    I know that the systemd hate is strong here, but this was already posted a couple of days ago:


    I was worried that there was yet another vulnerability in systemd-resolved ;).

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      Yeah, you should flag it as ‘already posted’ I think

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      cough NIH.

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        I love systemd and journal, but resolved is just broken. Especially since you can enable dnsmasq in NetworkManager and solve the same issue with something really well tested.

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        I’m fascinated by the way they added the test case to the make file. I’m not much of a C person so my question is: is this a common convention since there is no auto discovery of tests?

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          For library code, generally. You need to write a little program that calls the function you want to test.

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            It’s relatively common in C, but I personally can’t stand it, since it puts a high barrier on adding new tests (automating things shouldn’t be inconvenient!). This is one of the reasons I like gtest for C/C++ applications (https://github.com/google/googletest).