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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    $work: Doing some big Kubernetes deployments; Docker Swarm for another client. Not sure I’m enjoying this “devops” stuff very much, TBH.


    • Finished the Go rewrite of my static site generator. It’s so much faster than the older Python version.
    • Reading more of the cosmere: finished Oathbringer and Warbreaker, reading Edgedancer right now. Lots of references to things are starting to make sense.
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      finished Oathbringer and Warbreaker, reading Edgedancer right now

      just in time for Rhythm of War

      if you have questions/theories, come join us on https://www.reddit.com/r/Cosmere, https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive, https://www.17thshard.com/forum/, https://wob.coppermind.net/ etc

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        Thanks! I lurk there fairly often.

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      Working on my side project https://siteguardian.dev

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        Nice! I just signed up, this could be something I can use for my business!

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          Thank you!

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        I’ve been wrestling with a couple of thorny problems for the Mu computer (built up from machine code except for the kernel, designed to be taken apart and reward curiosity):

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          American, so focusing the next couple days on staying sane and safe.

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            • Reviewing my 8th book and preparing to publish it this week
            • Reading Exhalation: Stories by Ted Chiang
              • bought basic kindle few days back, the device is fine, but disappointed that reading on kindle seems more stressful for my eyes compared to my big computer monitor with pink/reddish background and redshift active

            Also, I’m trying to build a habit of switching off internet completely for 5-6 hours during my workdays. Started this experiment last week and was able to do it fairly well. Initially, muscle habit tried to refresh social media sites, open stackoverflow, etc even when web browser was closed. Now, I just get up, walk around, or otherwise take a break often. My work depends on researching online, so some days I was able to do it beforehand or put it off for later. Can’t say for sure I’ve been more productive because of this change, but it does feel good overall.

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              Also, I’m trying to build a habit of switching off internet completely for 5-6 hours during my workdays.

              Good for you! I started something along those lines a few weeks ago. For me the biggest culprit was my phone, where I was spending a few hours a day browsing memes and getting depressed.

              I’d love to hear more about how it goes for you.

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                For me the biggest culprit was my phone, where I was spending a few hours a day browsing memes and getting depressed.

                Hello darkness my old friend.

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                  Yeah, the challenge will be to keep doing it week after week. Right now, the newness of the change and internet fatigue is making it easier to adapt. I’ll try to post updates later.

                  How’s your experience been?

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                    For me the experience has been going ok. The internet was part of kind of moving to a simpler, analog if you may, life. I got a camera to take and print pictures for memories instead of mindlessly taking videos and pics with my phone that never actually see the light of day. I will get a garmin GPS for driving instead of using my iphone and a couple of other things.

                    Idk how I came to it but I realized that in a regular day there were A LOT of things that I was doing which I hand’t chosen to do, I had just kind of slide into them, and that kind of angered me.

                    For now I’m really enjoying how it’s all going mostly because I had a bunch of things that I wanted to do but “didn’t had time”, which now I suddenly do!

                    The main inconvenience is how to stay in touch with other people. It seems that everybody is hooked with big corp software (messenger, whatsapp, imessage) so trying to convert people to more privacy oriented, or just non-data-mongering alternatives seems like an uphill battle.

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                      yeah, it’s quite difficult to suddenly switch off if you have a well established way to communicate..

                      For now I’m really enjoying how it’s all going mostly because I had a bunch of things that I wanted to do but “didn’t had time”, which now I suddenly do!

                      that’s awesome.. and I feel like reduced distraction helps me focus better

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                I am finally doing what I was ostensibly trying to find a job doing: writing compiler passes! I will be writing optimizing tree transforms at work.

                Personally, I will probably be stress baking.

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                  Working on a bunch of content stuff. This morning I’m covering the age-old chestnut, “Is Math Invented Or Discovered?” based on a tweet I saw from a friend over the weekend. I’ve also got a couple of nerd interviews and a nerd roundup to do.

                  I love to dive into that “Algebraic Effects For React!” article I saw, but I lack the diplomatic fortitude not to say ugly things. I think it’s best I avoid that completely.

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                    Basically trying to not have a nervous breakdown about the US election. It’s difficult and I’m not doing my best at work as a result.

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                      Trying to figure out how to survive the waves of existential anxiety that are washing over me these days. Playing with the kids helps; lifting in the garage helps. Interviewing with a few FAANGs over the next couple of weeks, so I’m doing interview prep with the help of my wife, who, as a litigator, is very good at coaching testimony. It’s surprisingly apposite!

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                        • Short week 🎉
                        • Kicking off some planning and research for longer term projects.
                        • Handing over some stuff I’ve been hand-holding recently to teams much better suited to look after it than me.


                        • Helping a friend move house, and was supposed to be going away hillwalking for a short break but England is back in lockdown so instead doing a couple of local walks instead.
                        • Continuing to rebuild my HomeLab with things like consul and nomad. So far I have homebridge running as an adapter between my MQTT hub that all smart devices talk to, and HomeKit which our watches/phones/HomePod expose.
                        • Advertising things for sale on eBay/Facebook. I’ve built up a collection of things I either don’t use, or don’t need anymore that are worth more than scrap value.
                        • Quite likely buy some more HomePods when the Mini goes on presale. We’ve had one in the dining room for the fortnight and everyone’s stopped using the Sonos downstairs in favour of it. Now need to spread the home love through the rest of downstairs at least.
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                          • My personal project as of last night is working on a mini desktop player for Epidemic Sound written in Rust. I stream on Twitch every so often, and have been using Epidemic for stream-safe music. Still need to figure out why GH Actions does not like compiling webview-sys, while it works fine on my local machine (outdated MSVC compiler?), but at the very least, I’ve made something tangible in Rust!
                          • Trying to find the motivation to either finish up my Nim rewrite of a song-of-the-day bot, or start fresh on it in Rust. I did the rewrite to get a handle on Nim’s ergonomics, and how it feels to get a project done with it, but I’m not as satisfied with it as I thought I would be.
                          • Doing some coding challenges with friends on BinarySearch.com

                          Trying to balance jumping on tickets while looking for ways to pay down tech debt. Nothing really set in stone as we wrap up a sprint.

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                            $work :- contract negotiations.

                            $!work :- dremel vs puppy (her claws, not .. jeesh).

                            $Xwork :- negotiating open-sourcing earlier projects.

                            $oss :- release video recordings, half-secret project, “that one last bug” (which is trying to self-replicate).

                            $reversing :- LeapMotion controller.

                            $reading: Daniel J. Bernstein. “A discretization attack.” PDF

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                              @work Finishing up changes to a pull request, and then starting a new task to help integrate “STIG” scanning into our build process.

                              @home My new desktop machine is getting here on Thursday, so I’ll be setting that up.

                              And I’m still playing with my OpenGL library. A nice thing about hobby projects that I’m free to make big refactors, and I’ve been taking advantage of that a lot lately. As I’ve learned more about OpenGL I’ve been able to streamline the API of my library quite a bit, and get rid of a couple clunky abstractions that seemed like good ideas at the time, but ended up making things more complicated than they needed to be.

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                                Did not plan anything. We have lockdown, and I was quarantiened. But yesterday’s test result shows I’m COVID-negative (which is positive :) ). I still caught a cold. So, reduced working hours in home office, groceries, and playing with emqx.io

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                                  • Release version 0.4.1 of scalpl on PyPI
                                  • Continue to work on http and h11


                                  • UI components for Xamarin (android)
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                                    I’m updating an application to automate some new workflows and the usual application support.

                                    I’m reading TLPI and porting some old networking code to macOS.

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                                      work := working with a security firm in order to pay what I’ll call the “Google tax” in order to do business online, and then maybe some Vue/Go for a product

                                      personal := working on a side project http://getgradely.com/

                                      My absolute nemesis is copy/marketing! I’ve decided to apply myself and learn it (could it harder that, Idk, analog circuit design?) but I guess the part of it that is tripping me is that almost every other technical knowledge that I have acquired I can learn by myself, a book, a computer/compiler/etc. and that is that. Marketing, copy and sales I can’t since they up to some extend require interaction with other people, which is slightly out of my comfort zone.

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                                        I’m working on figuring out my gemini capsue, gem.acdw.net – I’ve never really set up a server from-scratch before, or played with CGI, so it’s a steep learning curve. And I’m trying to decide how dynamic I want the site to be.

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                                          {{ school }}: struggling with Astrophysics & Automata Theory. There are only 3 weeks left of this semester so it’s going to be pretty tricky to raise those grades!

                                          {{ work }}: I’ve been put in charge of integrating a very large third party codebase into our own. The main challenge with this is that the third party code is insane. It has its own preprocessor which optionally uses dependencies depending on what version of the code you’re building. We have a lot of other external code that is imported in through a source transformation pipeline, but I’ve had to modify that pipeline quite a bit to accommodate this. Overall, it’s an interesting challenge!

                                          {{ side_projects }}: I wish I had time for them! I have a million ideas for my language Alox but I haven’t been able to implement any of them. After getting a job solely using Java, I’m tempted to rewrite what I have because I’m much faster at writing Java than writing Rust. The biggest challenge was describing the IR in a memory-safe and mutable way. I ended up almost reimplementing an arena allocator (which I should have used from the start), and that definitely killed my drive to work with the code anymore.

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                                            Busy setting up a Gemini “mirror” of https://k1ss.org at https://tilde.team/~kiedtl/k1ss/docs. It’s not a simple job – the KISS Linux website makes liberal use of huge ASCII art, tables, labeled code blocks, etc that must be trimmed off.

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                                              Practicing self-care in what I assume will be a difficult week by:

                                              • working on my vimrc
                                              • reading PG Wodehouse