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So güd.


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    As a ruby-ist who has tried to teach myself haskell before, this is really helpful. I hope there’s a part 2 and beyond coming soon.

    Generally what happens with me is that I pick it up, and at some point lose steam. In the mean time, I’ve gotten so much better with recursion and function composition that coding in ruby is really exciting again. It’s not that I hit a brick wall learning haskell, more that I run into some mud. And all that mud training makes running in the places I’m used to easier and more appealing. So I’ve always felt that my time spent learning haskell was very useful, but at some point I’d like to feel like I actually know the language.

    In my previous attempts, I’ve missed rspec. A lot. I’ve hated having to load up ghci to see which functions aren’t working the ways I think they should. I knew there were testing frameworks, but I had no idea you could get one so close to rspec’s fantastic syntax. I suspect hspec will be a big help toward keeping me focused next time I try to pick up haskell.