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    Neat idea, I have accumulated 20 crappy repositories for every good/useful one.

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      Love this concept, but not for the multiple orgs. It may make sense to you personally to have an “old projects” org, but it changes URLs for people that may have bookmarked your old junk. I did create an org for forks, though. That’s brilliant. Most of those were done to make a single PR.

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        Assuming the PR was merged, why not delete the fork?

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          As trousers said, sometimes the PRs aren’t merged in quick order. In other cases I will continue to make contributions to the project over time and want to keep my fork around. I’ll rebase in upstream as time goes on and make new feature branches for PRs. But, even in the case where I just made a single PR, I like to have that record around where I can find it or point to it in case the need arises. If a future employer was curious what my relationship is like with the open source community this new “org” is a great place to send them.

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            I’ve had PRs hanging out for /months/. Sometimes I just forget to go clean up the repo later.

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          The big problem here is that GH’s workflow is fundamentally wrong. If you don’t plan on doing your own work, you should be able to clone the main repo and upload a patchset for discussion.