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    Any other ex-google employees get a very different read from the “an update on…” phrasing?

    (There was some thing whose cancellation was announced in an e-mail titled “an update on X”, and so people made jokes.)

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      It fits, doesn’t it? Memory Safety in Chrome using C++ is mostly cancelled :) They say they tried and it didn’t work.

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      There’s the related article they’ve published with an attempt to add borrow checking as a C++ library: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSt2VB1zQAJ6JDMaIA9PlmEgBxz2K5Tx6w2JqJNeYCy0gU4aoubdTxlENSKNSrQ2TXqPWcuwtXe6PlO/pub

      The conclusion was that type wrappers create a monstrosity that doesn’t even handle all cases, and the problem really needs changes to C++ semantics of moving/destructing, and a help from the compiler to track outstanding references.