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    Edited: I judged too harshly. Retracted my previous criticism.

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      It does look like an ad for teleport, but I would not reduce it to “just”.

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        how so? i found it a very good general discussion of the ux issues around exposing a terminal in a web browser.

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          On the contrary, I was just about to comment that this post is a really good example showing courage talking about the internal decisions made in a company on a product.

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          On the point re managing file uploads and clicking on file-names in listings: the macOS terminal emulator iTerm has some interesting escape sequences which can be used with shell integration and apps to set state visible to other things and usable to help here, so perhaps supporting those escape sequences would help.

          Eg, in zsh:

          print -nP '\e]1337;RemoteHost=%n@%M\a\e]1337;CurrentDir=%~\a'

          If you support that and clearly communicate what environment variables are exported to support triggering this, then it should move into “feasible” to let drag&drop work in a few ways.