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    For those who aren’t in the know, 64k means that this entire intro is distributed as an executable that is 64 kilobytes or less in size. The executable must be entirely self-contained, so it has to include the graphical code, the audio synthesizer, the music itself, and then any additional assets.

    The entire 64k compo this year was massive. Also worth a watch are the runners-up: mercury’s on and approximate’s Small matters of the heart.

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      Considering the trend, I was surprised to see so many entries (so many good entries, nonetheless). 64k is a category that’s being abandoned by demoparties since it’s got a lot easy nowdays and people go “just do a demo instead”, even Revision joked on that.

      On the other hand, I found the PC Demo compo to be quite boring. (thank god for all the funny demos like Hackers' and “We Have Accidentally Your Whole Audience”, which at least made me laugh a lot)

      Although it was already posted, the most impressive demo of Revision 2015 was probably 8088 MPH

      PS: I wonder if they’ll make a “Invitation compo” next year.

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        This is the second year in a row that the 64k outshined the PC demo compo by a considerable margin. In fact, I don’t even remember what won the PC demo comp last year (though I remember that “new” by still was a really interesting concept and the music was dope).

        I personally think 64k is interesting because of the limitations it imposes on the music. It’s cool to see people managing to sneak samples in regardless of the size constraint, but I feel like there’s some space left there to explore in general. There have been some interesting changes in the DSP world in the past few years (particularly with regards to filter implementation) and I’ve been experimenting to see how small I can get the code.

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          From a music perspective I guess it can still give a challenge, but from a graphical point of view 64k is more than plenty when you use raymarching, which I guess is why some people don’t see the point of 64k anymore.

          I love Revision’s idea of a 8k compo, I think (and I hope) we will see some really complex stuff in there as more people get into that.

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            There’s a long-standing discussion in the scene as to what categories a party should accommodate. Assembly offers 1K and 4K, but the 1K productions are almost universally fractal explorers with hideous bleeping in the background. 4K is more interesting to me, and every now and then you get real shockers like Elevated.

            I, too, think 8K is a good compromise. You have enough room for decent music and something other than fractals, and still have to work hard to get all your assets in the provided space. Revision was a real treat this year.