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    Might be ignorance on my part but I’m not aware of anything that would be thought of as infrastructure code written in rust or go yet - is this changing? Either way, seems like would be a pretty big endorsement for either language.

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      Go has a pretty strong contender to ‘infrastructure’ with dl.google.com running in Go. This site serves ChromeOS, Android, Chromium & .deb updates. Additionally I believe cloudflare had parts of their infrastructure in Go and they are in-front of a lot of web pages.

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        Cloudflare is definitely serving TLS 1.3 written in Go right now.

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        I’m aware of a fair few things in go - a few examples:

        • kubernetes (container management)
        • cfssl (PKI infrastructure)
        • vitess (mysql proxy for horizontal scaling)
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          also docker, rkt, etcd

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            … and the Hashicorp tools too (pretty much everything other than Vagrant).

            AFAIK Digital Ocean uses Go for a large portion of its backend code (this was mentioned on the Gotime podcast, I think in episode 17).

            One thing that I do wonder about NTPSec - was it really easier to start by stripping town classic NTP instead of adding the few missing features to the excellent (and secure) OpenNTPD?

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            I’m pretty sure Dropbox has some amount of their infrastructure written in Rust, but most is still in Go. I’m not sure they’ve written about it in a blog, but there is at least an HN comment.

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              Rewritten from Python, I assume?

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                This suggests it may have been written in Go before. It’s hard to tell though.