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    For some reason I keep NOT using the MAS; it feels like it’s easier to just download a dmg and drag the file to ~/Applications… Same applies to all non developer friends that use a mac AFAIK.

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      I prefer MAS versions because it updates my apps when I’m not using them rather than popping up an annoying dialog when I start the app.

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        I always disable auto-updates so I can read about what is in each one… but I am surely not “typical” user in that case. :)

        I guess I prefer updates to be noisy. I don’t like things to silently change (which might mean “break”).

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          I’m right there with you for anything remotely production – my desktop just doesn’t qualify in my case.

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          While I really like this on my iPhone… I agree with jryans here… I prefer my desktop software to be nagging me to get updated so I can make a conscious decision about it. Same reason applies: I don’t want it to break!

          For that few apps I do use via MAS; auto update like there’s no tomorrow ;-)