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    Also, if Yoda were a programmer, I think Forth would be his most favourite programming language. Yoda would say, “A forth programmer I am. Hrmmm,” and he would add two numbers with, 1 2 +.

    Old bumper sticker I remember seeing in the early 80s: FORTH ♥️ IF HONK THEN

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      Saint Florian (Latin: Florianus; 250 – c. 304 AD) was a Christian holy man, and the patron saint of Linz, Austria; chimney sweeps; soapmakers, and firefighters. His feast day is 4 May.

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        Dave Brubeck Day

        In case you suspected:

        In the United States, May 4 is informally observed as “Dave Brubeck Day”. In the format most commonly used in the U.S., May 4 is written “5/4”, recalling the time signature of “Take Five”, Brubeck’s best known recording.

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          Apparently it is also:

          • Anti-Bullying Day
          • Bird Day
          • Dave Brubeck Day
          • International Firefighters’ Day
          • World Naked Gardening Day

          among other things.

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            Which are also interesting, and neither is a free advertisement by proxy for a megacorporation.

            Also you may spot the origin of the Firefighters’ day in my original post.

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              Also you may spot the origin of the Firefighters’ day in my original post.

              Ah yes, didn’t notice that.

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              World Naked Gardening Day

              I’d give it a shot but it’s around 10 degrees C here and we have snow forecast…

              Edit I re-potted a store-bought spice plant but I did it fully clothed …

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            This is SO WEIRD. I just installed gforth on my laptop last night because I wanted to try it out and maybe consider making my own implementation of Forth.

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              I was inspired by this to play hooky and implement a tiny Forth core inspired by Wasm3’s clever interpreter. The basic NEXT / DUP / DROP / etc. stuff is about 80LOC, under 200 bytes. I called it Tails because it tail-recurses and it runs fast.


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                I called it Tails because it tail-recurses and it runs fast.

                My greatest ambition is to write a Forth and name it Sally. (I don’t have a lot going on.)

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                  This is quite nicely done! Thank you for sharing it here.

                  Off-topic: I noticed that you have named your C++ file with the .cc extension. Your GitHub repo too shows that you and your workplace uses .cc and .hh extensions for C++ source and header files. Do you remember how you ended up using the .cc extension for the first time? Did you pick up this style from another code base you were working on? I ask this because I don’t see this style very often these days. I did a poll on Twitter sometime back about it. It turns out 9 out of 10 use the .cpp extension these days!

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                    Huh. I don’t remember why, or when, I started. The work projects I contribute to tend to be repos that I created, and we don’t have any strong company-wide standard I’m aware of, so I wasn’t following someone else’s lead.

                    I might have picked up this naming convention at Apple, but I don’t remember what I was naming files back then. If WebKit or Chrome uses .cc, that may well have been the seed crystal I picked it up from.

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                      You forgot .C…. I’ve seen that way too often.

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                      wow - this is impressive, thanks for sharing! :)