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    It is not about theoretical concepts such as virtual inheritance and nomads


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      That’s a weird dig, since it seems aimed half at C++ and half at Haskell? Haskell sure, it’s the usual punching bag for people who want to claim to be “practical”, but C++ is (far) more popular than Go in practical, industry usage.

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        “Practical” is not the same as “popular in practical usage”. As Pike said in Less is exponentially more,

        There’s this idea about “programming in the large” and somehow C++ and Java own that domain. I believe that’s just a historical accident, or perhaps an industrial accident.

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        I wonder how long it will take them to correct the spelling.

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          Maybe a strong understanding of nomads helps when handling process migration?

          More seriously, I kinda dislike seeing TIOBE “news” here, etc.

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          Please don’t pay attention to TIOBE for determining language popularity. It is literally languages ranked by how many links come up when you Google the language.