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    I spent two years in Thailand fully-funded off my FOSS project, but mine was hardware instead of software, so it was a lot easier to monetize. But I wouldn’t even consider doing it in the US with the healthcare situation the way it is. I’m surprised that didn’t come up in the article.

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      It’s pretty funny how the US ends up being where a bunch of people go to take major risks, but the social net there is so lacking.

      Meanwhile in most countries in Europe you’ll never go bankrupt from healthcare, and there’s usually some form of unemployment insurance you can continue using for the first couple of months making a new company

      The usual thing is “well in America the rules are nicer on smaller companies” but… really? To the extent where the safety net is not worth it?

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        Author here. I don’t have a degree, so immigration is much more difficult for me.

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