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    I don’t understand, what do these documents have to do with the shutdown? There’s no explanation provided.

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      In short:

      Intended use case is to restore access to reference documents by replacing .gov by .rip.

      I added the index for batch access and easy retrieval: for example, searching crystals gives the candidate implementations used during the Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization process.

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        The NIST is a federal agency and so it has been shut down during the negotiations on next year budget source, the csrc is still operating even if is part of the NIST

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          As an outsider, the government literally shutting down seems more than a little insane.

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            It’s one of the reasons I didn’t try to get funding from agencies that could get shutdown. I knew another one would come. Then, the progress I made undoing credit damage from Recession might itself be undone. Not to mention the struggle of suddenly having no money for no good reason. I feel for the people affected by it.

            Far as services, I already can’t access quite a few, potential submissions. That doesn’t freak me out, though. What concerns me is people doing inspections of stuff like food might not be paid or working. Good time to buy local and organic, esp stuff that already shipped. ;)

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            Yes. But what do these documents have to do with the shutdown?

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              They are useful mirrors during their unavailability due to the shutdown.

              (no leak nor non-NIST related documents here)

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                Ah. I just assumed the website would stay up, with no one in the office to turn it off.

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                  If federal offices are anything like state offices, somebody has to pay a bill–even if it is from one department to another.

                  Moreover, if federal offices are anything like state offices, it is somebody’s responsibility to make sure their office doesn’t buy anything they won’t be paying for. So, probably the payer asked the payee to shut it off, perhaps even before the next billing cycle.

                  Nobody wants to be that one person with nobody behind them if it ever comes down to finger pointing. “Why didn’t you shut the lights off before you left, Bob?”

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                    Also shutting it off ensures there are no problems to resolve since it’s off. Can’t be attacked either :-)

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          Neat. I wonder if someone will provide a similar mirror service for NCBI if/when eFetch and GenBank are affected by the shutdown.

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            Do you have a tarball of this for those of us who are packrats?

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              Added a link here – don’t forget to remove the question mark in the URL.

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                Awesome. Got some cert errors though:

                $ wget https://csrc.nist.rip/library/csrc.tar
                --2019-01-14 18:57:00--  https://csrc.nist.rip/library/csrc.tar
                Resolving csrc.nist.rip (csrc.nist.rip)...
                Connecting to csrc.nist.rip (csrc.nist.rip)||:443... connected.
                ERROR: cannot verify csrc.nist.rip's certificate, issued by ‘CN=Let's Encrypt Authority X3,O=Let's Encrypt,C=US’:
                  Unable to locally verify the issuer's authority.
                To connect to csrc.nist.rip insecurely, use `--no-check-certificate'.
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