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    I was looking for an explanation to support the erroneous claim that:

    Ethereum will become more secure by solving the 51% attack problem

    And was disappointed, but not surprised, to find that none could be found.

    100% PoS is less secure than 100% PoW. And this is one of the big downsides of Ethereum 2.0. If I were them, I would stick with the hybrid approach.

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      The linked article is borderline blogspam. I made a bad call extending an invite to OP.

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        I’ve generally disliked his content and flagged some of it as spam, but I think in this particular case it’s fine as a submission. Not great content, but not inappropriate for the site.

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          It is different, though, to see a story with more upvotes than the counterpoint in the comments being submitted by “inactive-user.” First for everything I guess.