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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Be descriptive, and don’t hesitate to ask for help!

(Saw this wasn’t posted yet this week by caius, so I posted it please let me know if there should only be one person posting the weekly thread or something! )


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    With the release of Debian stretch I’ve started looking into building vagrant boxes for additional providers: VMware and Hyper-V. VMware I just need to get licences for and test it, hyper will be an interesting test that will involve running Debian installer in a hyperv vm, in Windows in a parallels vm on macos.

    Related to the above, I’m trying to engage more with tech communities as a representative of my company rather than just as a person. This is an odd feeling for me, and so far I always end up thinking the response will be negative (ie I mentioned our vagrant boxes for stretch on the Debian 9 release thread) but so far no hate replies!

    Also my son is very close to taking his first proper steps (ie not holding the couch etc) so that should be fun!

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      Developing my take on a “Little Schemer”–style Erlang tutorial. It may end up an Elixir tutorial, as Elixir seems to be where most of the interest is these days.

      If anyone is interested in collaboration, feel free to PM me!

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        As someone who enjoys tutorials (and has never worked with Erlang) I would possibly consider adding supplemental notes/instructions on the first ‘slide’ to maybe show someone how to install or get the shell up and running? I suppose it depends on your audience, but I still liked what you have so far!

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          Thanks for looking at the tutorial! I’m still thinking about how to package the whole thing. “The Little Schemer” series usually has some guidance on environment setup in the preface, and then the tutorial itself has the reader wholly immersed in the subject matter.

          OTOH this is not a book, but a standalone webpage, and web links are free… I think you’re on the right track! Much thanks again for taking the time to give feedback!

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        I want to flush some bugs out of https://sftpplease.io by writing a fuzzer / virtual user.

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          Continuing adventures in tedious server migration, both at $work and for personal stuff. Also trying to buy a house, with all the fun that entails which is taking up a lot of my time.

          (Saw this wasn’t posted yet this week by caius, so I posted it please let me know if there should only be one person posting the weekly thread or something! )

          As long as people are answering it, I think somebody remembering to post it every Monday is perfectly fine. (Someone else started it originally!) I was travelling this week, many thanks for stepping in and posting it. ??

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            No problem didn’t want to steal your thunder! I really enjoy reading these threads even if I don’t have a ton to contribute to them!

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            I’ve written a “directory navigator” prototype, trying out a simpler event model for once and proving that it can work the way I want it to, and now I’m trying to prototype a W95-esque GUI system on top of HTML canvas and ES6, rediscovering Win32 and GTK+ in the process. I really hope I can get it done soon, despite being a slow programmer. I’m so excited by the idea.

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              That’s really cool! I also find myself using asciinema to showcase (or just show) people terminals quickly.

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              I’m currently working on moving from raw public keys, to hashes of them, in Peergos. This will make moving to post quantum encryption schemes with much larger keys trivial.

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                This week i’ll be attacking some Js work i’ve left for too long. That and working my way through Death’s End. It’s been incredibly difficult to read

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                  Trying to figure out hiring for our team in Amsterdam. Huge PITA to find good Go developers. Or good developers regardless of their preferred language actually.

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                    I’m going to buckle down and learn Vue.js.

                    At work we are moving from sendmail to postfix, and building “clean-slate” AWS AMIs for our production instances that should play nicely with Ansible plays involving configuration templates.

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                      This week I’m working on a personal project, which will eventually become my first production-ready, commercial one; finally getting some design documents and mockups ready for the next iteration: sequence diagrams!

                      I know this is not the new, agile way, but I find these kind of documents (especially sequence diagrams) very helpful while designing an application or a service.

                      Plus, I have to wrap my head around NP vs P, and I need to read the new ;login: issue!

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                        What is the project?